About Real Talk
 What We Do 
 With around 4000 live sessions presented in the last 10 years and hundreds-of-thousands of digital resource views, Real Talk is a global leader in providing values-based materials on the human person, relationships, and the digital world. 
 Equipping Parents and Caregivers for Success 
There is a massive need for the education Real Talk provides. Modern culture presents young people with many exciting opportunities, but there are also many new challenges, including the hyper-sexualisation of young people, the impact of the digital world, and the pressures on home life. A lack of formation in these areas can result in poor decision making, heartache, and mental illness.

Often the values of those forming our young people (namely their peers and the media) don’t share parents’ values. If you are reading this, then you are likely a parent or caregiver, and likely a great parent, doing what you can to form those in your care. SERIOUSLY – most caregivers don’t seek out help on the important stuff and you are here reading this – WELL DONE!

A “values free” approach, relativism, and the influence of the internet have made the path for human flourishing even harder to find for today’s children and youth.

Despite the challenges, Real Talk has some good news! There is a better way to live AND parents/caregivers are still the biggest influence on their young peoples' lives.

The Real Talk Parents Membership Site exists to help resource caregivers with materials that empower and equip them to help the precious people in their care to live life to the full.

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